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Action Filed Against Texas Department of Agriculture  Gene McArthur - Texas Cropduster Denied Pesticide License For Failure To Confess SSN

  Virginia Driving Case

Court Rules There Is A Cause Of Action Based On Virginia Constitution In SSN Religious Objection Case

Action Filed Against Virginia Governor & Sec. of Transportation - Testing State Religious Freedom Preserved Act

Banking Without An SSN

Professional Architect Certification Registration Denied in Oregon

Carmichael v.United States


Supreme Court Brief in Lewis Case Determined To Not Be Best Course of Action In Lewis Case

Lewis Case


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  • The American Christian Liberty Society
  • The American Christian Liberty Society is a fellowship of Christians with like convictions who minister to one another as we live without submitting to, or identifying with, a universal personal number, biometric identifier or other thing contrary to the dictates of our faith.
  • Currently, Americans are being prohibited from: owning property, traveling, voting, working, banking, marrying, fishing, hunting, bearing arms and doing many other things related to normal civil capacities that are considered natural or fundamental rights or are otherwise necessary to live and fulfill God's intended purpose for them on Earth, unless; they forsake their natural and fundamental right to not participate in the United States voluntary old age, disability, retirement, survivor benefit program called Social Security; and likewise identify themselves with its account record number as their universal identification number.
  • A concerted effort is needed to recover and secure rightful liberties.
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An Important First Victory

After over eight years, David Alan Carmichael v. United States, is nearing its conclusion.  It is time to press on for more victories.  To God be the glory for the great things He hath done. 

Our hope is that we can gain another victory with Larry Lewis's case.  Other cases will be taken on as they arise and the Holy Spirit leads.

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Documents Available For Non-Disclosure of SSN

IRS Pub 1586 - Reasonable Cause for Tax Reporters Not Obtaining an SS#

download the IRS pub
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June 23, 2005 Ruling in the Court of Federal Claims
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