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  • December 2003 Press Release 
         By David Alan Carmichael

     The American Christian Liberty Society is being organized to join people with like convictions who will work together, through this organization, to secure and retain their natural right to life and liberty without having to embrace, submit to, or identify with a universal personal number, biometric identifier or other contrivance contrary to the Holy Scriptures. 

       Currently, Americans are being prohibited from: owning property, traveling, voting, working, banking, marrying, fishing, hunting, bearing arms and doing many other things related to normal civil capacities that are considered natural or fundamental rights, or are otherwise necessary to live and fulfill God's intended purpose for them on Earth, unless; they forsake their natural and fundamental right to not participate in the United States voluntary old age, disability, retirement, survivor benefit program called Social Security; and likewise identify themselves with its account record number as their universal identification number.
    Such divestment of natural right is contrary to God's word, contrary to the law as recognized by the founders of this American nation, contrary to the fundamental law of the land, and is by definition - wrong. 

         A concerted effort is needed to recover and secure our rightful liberties. The primary goal for this society is to secure the rights of those who are convinced in truth that God prohibits them from identifying themselves with such identifiers and from participating in a scheme of relying upon "Caesar" for their security rather than relying upon God.  Secondly, those who have not yet come to a religious conviction also ought to be protected from being penalized for exercising their rights of association and privacy, among other rights. 

         Thus, I am spearheading an effort to form an organization that will take on these issues systematically and strategically.  Two very capable men have agreed to help me form the organization at a strategy conference.  Dr. Herb Titus, well known nationally as a constitutional scholar and litigator, and Larry Becraft, also well known nationally as a litigator willing to take on the tough issues to restore constitutional government and protect the common man from government unlawful abuse.  Scott McDonald (known well through his .Fight the Fingerprint. publications) and Neil McIver (known well through his .Life Without a Number. publications) and Harold Forney who oversees the Matchwood Foundation, have agreed to come to the strategy conference as well.  Each of the men listed above have sacrificed for these causes and have a balanced view both regarding the application of the Holy Bible and the law of the land.  Others well known in the patriot community who are taking the battle head-on are being considered to attend the strategy conference.

    The initial plan that I am taking to the strategy conference is to form an organization much like the Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA). 
      - The organization will Assist members to secure the liberty to carry out those functions necessary to life, liberty and happiness in spite of their not being able to identify themselves with an SSN, fingerprint, retina scan, DNA or national i.d. card.
      -  Provide information regarding the law to members and persons with whom they are trying to conduct private, public or commercial activities.
      -  Counsel members on how to proceed with redress if wronged; take civil action strategically; provide defense where necessary.

     The society will:
      -  Gather members.
      -  Gather documentation of members who's rights are being violated.
      -  Disseminate information and procedures to members to systematically attempt redress.
      -  Assist in redress by contacting violators.
      -  Plan for strategic actions and act on currently pending ripe actions.
      -  File actions as cases develop and resources grow.

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